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Welcome to Planet Hunters Coffee Chat!

On this page you will find two videos that introduce Planet Hunters Coffee Chat and the two hosts Kassie Perlongo and Nora Eisner. They will briefly talk about why we are doing this video series, mention some of the topics that we will cover in the future and dive into how we can find exoplanets using the transit method. Watch them on this site or directly on our YouTube channel by clicking here. If you have any questions or topics that you would want us to cover in the future do let us know.

Welcome to Planet Hunters Coffee Chat! 

Meet Kassie Perlongo, a science communications specialist at NASA Ames Research Center and Nora Eisner, project leader of the citizen science project Planet Hunters TESS from Oxford University. Learn about who they are, what they do, and how you can get  find and study exoplanets.


What is the transit method and how is it used to find exoplanets?

In this episode, Kassie Perlongo and Nora Eisner from the Planet Hunters TESS team talk about the technique used to find exoplanets - the transit method. Grab a coffee, tea, or other beverage of your choosing, and get ready to take make real discoveries using real NASA data.

Transit method
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