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Zooniverse Science Conference

Image credit: Michael Parrish

Greetings from Adler Planetarium in Chicago. I’m at the first Zooniverse Science Conference. I’m here representing the Planet Hunters science team.  At this conference science teams from the current and upcoming Zooniverse projects and the Zooniverse development team have gathered together to talk citizen science.  It’s been a great two days of  presented talks and discussions. This is the first time that teams from across the Zooniverse projects have come together. I’ve really enjoyed talking to the scientists from the different projects, and what I’ve been really impressed with is the cool and wide-ranging science that is being done in the Zooniverse.  I’ve been hearing about the exciting future projects and new tools and features the Zooniverse is working on. This morning I shared the highlights from Planet Hunters and how I’m going from clicks to planet candidates.  It was great to highlight all the science we’ve done and will be doing in the future with your classifications on Planet Hunters. I focused on my search for short period planets from the Quarter 1 classifications (on a side note – I got a response from the referee for my paper. I’ve revised the manuscript and the paper is back with the referee. Hopefully soon it will be accepted for publication by the Journal).



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