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Your Chance to Feature Planet Hunters on the Daily Zooniverse

Each day something new from across all the Zooniverse projects is featured on the Daily Zooniverse blog organized by the Zooniverse’s Grant Miller.  Have you classified a weird  light curve or participated in an interesting discussion on Talk? Now’s the chance to have that highlighted on the Daily Zooniverse. Grant and the Daily Zoonvierse team are  looking for contributions from the volunteers of Zooniverse projects (including Planet Hunters) to feature.  Just add the hashtag #dailyzoo to a light curve or discussion page on Talk to nominate it.

If you want to also share your nominations with the rest of the Planet Hunters community, there is a thread started on Talk where you can can list your finds for everyone to see (do make sure to include the hashtag). If you’re looking for inspiration Echo-lily-mai, one of our Planet Hunters Talk moderators,  has nominated  this folded light curve plot of a candidate heartbeat star made by volunteer Sean63 :

Image Credit: Sean63/Planet Hunters

Image Credit: Sean63/Planet Hunters


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