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Welcoming Polish Planet Hunters

The Polish language version of Planet Hunters is now available. The creation of the first foreign language version of the project reflects our determination to make Zooniverse sites accessible to as many peoples possible, all over the world. The fact that the first foreign language version is Polish is not an accident. Many years ago, at the beginning of the Galaxy Zoo project, a determined bunch of science enthusiasts from Poland joined with the Galaxy Zoo team to create the very first international language version. They have been working with the Zooniverse ever since!

Planet Hunters in Polish was supported by Lech Mankiewicz from the Polish Academy of Science, Jan Pomierny from Polish astronomy portal and Mirek Kolodziej, an engineering student and astronomy enthusiast. Polish citizen scientists have now joined the worldwide community of planet hunters – welcome!

Thanks to the hard work of the team, this means we can now expect Planet Hunters to be available in other languages too. Watch this space!


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