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Q7, DPS, and more

Just a quick note to say that we’ve uploaded Q7 light curves. This is the first of the latest Kepler Quarters from the July 2012 data release. As with each new Quarter, there is a new chance to spot never before seen planets. In other news, I write this post in Denver, Colorado on my way to Reno, Nevada for the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting which starts on Monday. This is one of  the largest yearly gatherings of planetary scientists each year. I’ll be giving a talk on Planet Hunters science results.  Last year I gave a talk introducing the project and presenting our first two planet candidates that we had found and preliminary results from my short period planet analysis. I can’t wait to share our results with you. So keep a look out on this space, Facebook, and Twitter for updates about the meeting and my presentation. In the meantime why not classify a light curve or two? ~Meg


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