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Q2 Data now fully online!

Hi all –

The Q2 data (chopped up into Q2.1, Q2.2 and Q2.3) are now fully online. Since these data cover a much longer time frame than just the Q1 data, we can now start looking for planets with longer periods. If you spot a single transit in a light curve that you think looks good, why not check all the other data (bot Q1 and Q2) for similar transits; it may be a long period planet.

Why is this so interesting? A planet around a star like our sun that is far enough away not to be fried by the star takes about one year to go around the star once. So you’d see one transit every year. Like our own earth. Around a dimmer star than our sun, the habitable zone is closer in, but still long. So happy hunting, especially for long period transits!

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