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Planet Naming Suggestion Form Open!

In the blog post earlier today, I reported that phase 1 was complete – the IAU (International Astronomical Union) has selected the stars to be named. Phase 2 involves groups providing naming suggestions for the star and all attached planets. The “Vote” button has been updated with a new form to begin taking these suggestions from Planet Hunters! Please provide your naming suggestion by April 16, 2015.

After April 16, 2015, the Planet Hunter’s moderators will review the suggestions for conformance to the stated guidelines for naming suggestions and a poll will be set up for us to select our one naming suggestion that will be put up. So start your suggesting!

Proposed names should be:

  1. 16 characters or less in length.

  2. Preferably one word.

  3.  Pronounceable (in some language)

  4. Non-offensive

  5. Not too similar to an existing name of an astronomical object. Names already assigned to astronomical objects can be checked using the links (for galactic and extragalactic names), and the MPC database (for names)

In addition it is not allowed to propose:

  1. Names of pet animals.

  2. Names of a purely or principally commercial nature.

  3. Names of individuals, places or events principally known for political, military or religious activities.

  4. Names of living individuals.

  5. Only names that are not protected by trademarks or other forms of intellectual property claims may be proposed.


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