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Planet Hunters PH1 Live Chat

This week we announced the discovery of our first confirmed planet, PH1.

On Monday, we’ll be having a live chat with the discoverers as well as some of the  astronomers who have helped along the way to take us from planet candidate to confirmed planet.

We’ll be talking to  Josh Carter (Harvard Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics), Robert Gagliano (Planet Hunters), Kian Jek (Planet Hunters), Chris Lintott (University of Oxford/Zooniverse/Planet Hunters), Jerry Orosz (San Diego State University) and Meg Schwamb (Yale University/Planet Hunters). We’ll be  giving you  the inside story on how we characterized and confirmed the PH1 system, as well as answering some of your questions,.

Join us here on Monday October 22nd at 11:30am PDT (2:30pm EDT or 7:30pm BST or 18:30 UTC)


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