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Making Way for Q13 Data

The Kepler field will be high in the sky starting in the next month or so and continuing over the Summer months. Thanks to all of your hard work and classifications, the science team has been writing observing proposals to ask for telescope time on the the Keck telescopes in Hawaii to follow up on our best planet candidates. We’ll learn in a few months whether we have been granted the nights. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, the team is continuing to search for new planet candidates with your classifications and Talk comments.  You have been analyzing light curves from Quarter 7 released by NASA during Kepler’s primary mission.  To begin searching the first data release of Kepler’s extended mission, Quarter 13, we need to finish Quarter 7. We need your help to make room for the new light curves.

As with any new data, there are now new chances to find even more planets. Let’s make the final push so that by April we could be looking at Q13 data.  Please get clicking today at

Happy Hunting,


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