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Looking for Gems in Talk

I wanted to talk a bit more about the Talk collections. There is a treasure trove of information sitting in all of the unique and interesting collections you are all making in Talk. We made our first list of planet candidates using the classifications you’ve all made in the classify interface (see John’s post). We want to start digging into your great Talk collections and find the interesting gems in there.

We have a visiting student from France, Thibault Sartori from École normale supérieure. One of his projects is going to be taking a look at all the great Talk collections you made. He will be looking for interesting transits, small radii-planets, and multi-planet system that may not be extracted from the classify interface. If you have a collection of interesting transits or potentially new multi-planet systems, we’d like if you can add a #phtransits (for single planet systems) and #phmulti (if you have collections of multiplanet systems) to your collections. We’ll search the Talk database for collections with these keywords and extract their entries after Sunday.

We’re also willing to feature a collection on the Talk page, so if you have something cool you want the rest of the community to see or what help with adding new objects, tweet, email, or post it on facebook and we’ll feature the collection on the front page. We can’t wait to see what’s in your collections, and we’ll keep you posted on Thibault’s progress and what we find on the blog.

Happy Hunting,


PS. I was observing in Chile at La Silla two weeks ago, and wanted to share some pictures of the telescopes. I was using the NTT the kinda of squarish telescope in the back left which has the clouds behind it


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