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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from everyone on the Planets Hunters team.  In that spirit, we thought we’d shared this:  Santa in the Era of Kepler (courtesy: Joe Llama, St Andrew). Has anyone spotted that signal in the light curves?

Each day this month, the Zooniverse has revealed a new gift on the Zooniverse Advent Calendar. Last year, Planet Hunters was hiding behind one of the doors for the launch of the site. This year here were the Planet Hunters themed gifts.

In case you missed them:

Day 1: Planet Hunters Anniversary Competition (we’ll finish announcing the winners in the next week or so)

Day 13: LOLCats

Day 20: A Planet Hunters themed cocktail anyone? If not, try one of the other Zooniverse themed cocktails.

And be sure to check out tomorrow as the last door opens on the Advent Calendar.

Wishing you a very Merry Solstice and Happy Holidays from us to you. 


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