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Happy Holidays

Carnaby Street Lights

Image Credit: Steve Harris (swh) from Flickr

Happy Holidays and Merry Northern Winter (and Southern Summer) Solstice from everyone on the Planets Hunters team.

In spirit of the holiday season, each day this month, the Zooniverse has revealed a new gift on the Zooniverse Advent Calendar. Two years ago, Planet Hunters was hiding behind one of the doors. This year there were several Planet Hunters themed surprises (including the background for the Advent Calendar which might look very familiar) :

In case you missed them:

Day 1: Zooniverse Publications Page – Including 3 Journal published/accepted Planet Hunters papers

Day 16: Planet Hunters Anniversary Poster composed of all of our volunteers names (can you find yours?)

And be sure to check out tomorrow as the last door opens on the Advent Calendar.

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday,Merry Solstice, and Happy New Year from us to you.

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