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ExoWorld Selection Complete – Next Up, Obtaining Name Suggestions!

As you are likely aware, Planet Hunters is taking part in an IAU (International Astronomical Union) project to name several ExoWorlds. A few months back we provided the IAU a list of ExoWorlds which we thought should be named. The IAU took this list, plus all of the lists provided by other groups and determined which ExoWorlds will be named. In total, 15 stars and 32 planets will be named. The list:

Host Star (catalogue)# Planet (designation)Planet Mass (Jupiter mass)Planet Mass (Earth mass)Orbital Period (day)Semi Major Axis (au)Discovery (year)Constellation (English)VisibilityV magnitude1 exoplanet (5 systems)Ain (epsilon Tauri)epsilon Tauri b7.62415.5594.91.932007the BullVisible to the naked eye3.5Edasich (iota Draconis)iota Draconis b8.822803.3510.71.2752002the DragonVisible to the naked eye3.3Errai (gamma Cephei)gamma Cephei b1.85588903.32.052003the KingVisible to the naked eye3.2Fomalhaut (alpha Piscis Austrini)Fomalhaut b3953.53200001152008the Southern FishVisible to the naked eye1.2Pollux (beta Geminorum)beta Geminorum b2.9921.7589.641.692006the TwinsVisible to the naked eye1.21 star + 1 exoplanet (10 systems)14 Andromedae14 Andromedae b5.331694185.840.832008the Chained MaidenVisible to the naked eye5.218 Delphinis18 Delphinis b10.33273.6993.32.62008the DolphinFaint to the naked eye5.542 Draconis42 Draconis b3.881233.2479.11.192008the DragonVisible to the naked eye4.851 Pegasi51 Pegasi b0.47148.74.230.0521995the Winged HorseVisible to the naked eye5.5epsilon Eridaniepsilon Eridani b1.55492.625023.392000the RiverVisible to the naked eye3.7HD 104985HD 104985 b6.32002.3198.20.782003the GiraffeFaint to the naked eye5.8HD 149026HD 149026 b0.36113.12.880.042882005the HerculesVisible through binocular8.2HD 81688HD 81688 b2.7858.1184.020.812008the Great BearVisible to the naked eye5.4ksi Aquilaeksi Aquilae b2.8889.9136.750.682008the EagleVisible to the naked eye4.7tau Bootistau Bootis b5.91875.23.310.0461996the HerdsmanVisible to the naked eye4.51 star + 2 exoplanets (1 system)

47 Ursae Majoris47 Ursae Majoris b2.53804.110782.11996the Great BearVisible to the naked eye5.147 Ursae Majoris c0.54171.623913.62001the Great BearVisible to the naked eye5.11 star + 3 exoplanets (2 systems)

PSR 1257 12PSR 1257 12 b7.00E-050.02225.260.191992the MaidenPSR 1257 12 c0.014.166.540.361992the MaidenPSR 1257 12 d0.013.898.210.461992the Maiden

upsilon Andromedaeupsilon Andromedae b0.62197.14.620.0591996the Chained MaidenVisible to the naked eye4.1upsilon Andromedae c1.8572.1237.70.8611999the Chained MaidenVisible to the naked eye4.1upsilon Andromedae d10.193238.71302.612.551999the Chained MaidenVisible to the naked eye4.11 star + 4 exoplanets (1 system)

mu Araemu Arae b1.68532.7643.251.52000the AltarVisible to the naked eye5.2mu Arae c0.0310.69.640.090942004the AltarVisible to the naked eye5.2mu Arae d0.52165.9310.550.9212004the AltarVisible to the naked eye5.2mu Arae e1.81576.54205.85.2352006the AltarVisible to the naked eye5.21 star + 5 exoplanets (1 system)

55 Cancri55 Cancri b0.8254.314.650.11341996the CrabFaint to the naked eye655 Cancri c0.1753.744.340.24032002the CrabFaint to the naked eye655 Cancri d3.841218.952185.762002the CrabFaint to the naked eye655 Cancri e0.038.30.740.01562004the CrabFaint to the naked eye655 Cancri f0.1445.8260.70.7812007the CrabFaint to the naked eye6

At this point, Planet Hunters can submit one naming suggestion. A suggestion consists of the name for one star, all attached planets and the basis for this recommendation. We are working to set up a Google form to select submissions and then we will have a round of voting to select the candidate to be submitted. This will all take place prior to May 31, 2015.

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