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Candidates and Upgrades

Hello everyone, graduate student John here. The time has finally arrived and we have the first batch of candidates up for you. To top it off, we have also managed some interface updates which should make marking transits faster and easier (yeah, Stuart!).

First, the candidates. I have a blog post coming out shortly which will explain how we made our selections so for now I will just give you the results. If you roll on over to the Candidates page, you will find that there are 132 new stars. That breaks down into 90 new potential planet candidates and 42 potential eclipsing binaries. We are still hard at work modeling these systems, so don’t have much more information than that it made the cut. We thought you would rather see them now and we will add the periods and radii as we do the fits.

Along with the new candidates, you can now see stars which you viewed which are possible planet or eclipsing binary candidates.

Which brings us to the other interface updates: transit marking. Now when you want to mark a transit on a star, you can simply drag a box around all of the points in the transit. Once drawn, the boxes work exactly as they did before. This should help us get more precise transit center information to more easily track down interesting candidates. Another perk is that clicking on any of the transit boxes will zoom you to that location on the plot.

Bring on the new data! John M. Brewer

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