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AAS Highlights

Many of the Planet Hunters team were at the American Astronomical Society’s 218th meeting in Boston earlier this week. The team contributions to the meeting included a poster led by John Brewer on the new exoplanet candidates spotted by you and an epic review talk by Debra Fischer titled “From Hot Jupiters to Habitable Worlds.” In her talk, Debra discussed Planet Hunters showing some of our discoveries as well as mentioning the names of several  Planet Hunters users.

In her talk titled “The Status of Kepler’s Search for Earth-size Planets,” Kepler team member Natalie Batalha also mentioned Planet Hunters and the Planetometer (which had already hit 3 million classifications) was shown on the big screen during her talk.

But the most fun part of the meeting was that Planet Hunters and other Zooniverse scientists and volunteers (Alice Sheppard, aka @penguingalaxy) got together to talk science, citizen science, and how to learn more about the Universe with you help!


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