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3 million classifications and counting….

This weekend we hit the 3 million mark for the number of classifications made by the PH community, thanks to all of you. On behalf of the entire team, I want to say a big  thank you to everyone for all of your hard work and your time.  We can’t believe in the  span of 6 months we’ve gone from 0 to 3 million classifications.

So what does this mean for the project? Well we’ve completed the Quarter 1 data released in June 2010, finished about 20% of the Quarter 2 data, and we have uploaded ~5800 new light curves from Q1 that were released in Feb onto the site.  So not to worry, we still have plenty of Kepler data to sift through. The science team is working hard at following up our planet candidates with the Keck telescopes and developing  better algorithms to search the classification database and go from transit boxes to extracting transits and planet candidates (just this past week I spent some time at the Adler Planetarium with Chris working on this.  More on that to come soon).

I thought  it might be interesting to take a look at some of the user statistics for Planet Hunters (all these numbers are as of a few days ago). We’ve had over 40,000 people make classifications, with 27,142 from logged in Zooniverse users. The bulk of our classifications come from zooites with Zooniverse IDs. On average a typical logged-in PH user has examined 104  stars and non-logged in users look at about 3 stars.  About 86% of our logged in zooites, classify 100 light curves or less.  71 uses have classified over 5,000 light curves, and 19 have hit the 10,000 mark (Congratulations to all of you, and you know who you are 🙂 ). Two users have classified over 50,000 light curves with a single user having looked at over 88,000 light curves since the project launched. Thanks again to everyone for all your classifications.

Happy Hunting and onward towards 6 million classifications,


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